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Garage Door Replacement West Hollywood

Garage Door Replacement West Hollywood And Its Cost

Whether it’s furnishing your brand new house or fixing a malfunction issue, replacing or upgrading your garage door may be worth considering. In fact, installing a new one versus repairing an old one increases the resale value of your home. Also, besides bringing a solid return on your investment, ensuring the protection of your entryway and your garage’s contents, improving its functionality, and enhancing your home exterior’s appearance are just some of the reasons why garage door repair West Hollywood is the right decision.

The main impact on your replacement decision will be its cost, buying a new garage door and the cost of hiring pros to do the job. Working with a garage door professional is the best option for you since the task entails extensive job like electrical works, removal of the old garage door, and heavy lifting.

The Cost Of A New Garage Door

A garage door typically cost from $250 (single doors) to $4,000 (two or more doors), with higher costs for better quality materials. Most homeowners account spending an estimate of $1,000 for the door and installation. You may opt to save money on labor and time by installing the door yourself, but the heavy lifting involved may pose a greater risk of personal injury. Hiring professionals might just be the better option in the long run.

Garage Door Replacement Factors

Replacing a garage door require important considerations, like:

-Materials. You need to choose from a wide variety of factors like styles, shapes, materials, and sizes, which typically vary widely in price.

-Design.  How your house is designed determines the door type you need and how much the professionals will quote you.

-Workmanship. You have the option of replacing your garage door yourself but due to the risk of maintenance and extensive repairs in the long run if done incorrectly, better hire a professional to do the job.

You might pay anywhere between $450 and $3,000 depending on garage door replacement West Hollywood factors mentioned above.